Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phase Three Process Booklet Requirements

The process booklet for phase three will be reviewed in draft form on Monday April 19th and the final process booklet will be turned in on Friday April 23rd. The process booklet should measure 8.5" x 11" and have a simple binding. The layout of the process booklet is up to you, however the items listed below must be included in the process booklet:

Plans (all plans are to be scaled to 3/16" = 1'-0")

  • A Floor Plan with Room Legend (this floor plan should not include moveable furniture, only built-ins)
  • A Reflected Ceiling Plan with Lighting Legend
  • A Finished Floor Plan with Room Legend (this floor plan should include all proposed furniture)
  • A Rendered Floor Plan


  • Programming Document
  • User Needs Chart
  • Casework Details (includes sections, elevations, axonometrics, small models, and supporting photographs)
  • Interior Elevation(s) scaled to 3/16" = 1'-0" or larger
  • A digital materials board (example will be provided on Friday)
  • A document providing specified lighting, fixtures, and furnishings (excel document to be provided)
  • Interior Perspectives


  • Sketchbook pages (scanned)
  • Blog posts relevant to phase three
  • Written process timeline
  • Thumbnail floor plans
  • SketchUp screen captures of process
  • Inspirational images
  • Reflections on process
  • Any other process related information

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