Monday, April 5, 2010

phase three : exemplifying commUNITy

With having completed both phase one and phase two in teams, you will be tackling phase three solo. After a short design charrette, you will be randomly assigned a client and a unit space. You will use your creativity and design skills to develop a thoughtful and innovative private living unit inspired by your previous concept for phase two and your client’s lifestyle.

Design Development

As before, you will create a programming document for the unit noting all spaces to be included along with the user’s needs and wants. Prior to designing the space, conduct a search for a collection of standard for residential interiors and post these standards on your blog. Share any interesting information that you find with classmates.

Along with the above documents you will draft a floor plan complete with room legend. You are to use either hand drafting techniques or a computer drafting program. No basic SketchUp floor plans will be accepted. In addition to the floor plan you will create and turn in the following:

  • A finished floor plan with legend
  • A reflected ceiling plan with lighting legend
  • Casework details (includes sections, elevations, and axonometric)
  • A set of specifications (includes materials, lighting, fixtures, and furnishings)


With having experimented with a variety of models throughout the semester, you will again be using your model-making skills to create a series of high-quality process models to reveal the ways in which your concept development influences the architecture of the space. Use this opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned from the previous models both in construction techniques and visual appeal. Take the time to talk to fellow classmates about their techniques and model-making processes. You are to have at least 3 key elements modeled for class on Monday April 12th. The success of the models will be based heavily on care and craft.

Renderings and Materials

In conjunction with the above requirements, you will further present the unit you are designing through a series of perspectives, interior elevations, and a rendered floor plan. These perspectives should capture the human experience and highlight the main design elements of the space. The interior elevations should be used to show how the spaces connect to one another and connect to the occupants while the rendered floor plan will further emphasize flooring materials and spatial connections. Take risks with your presentation of these drawings…try new things…push yourself to expand your skills!

Process Work…

As was the case with previous work, your process explorations should be captured in digital form and continually documented on your blog with at least three posts per week. Continue with the strong tradition of capturing this work along the way rather than waiting until the night before any deadlines.

Along with this continuous process documentation on your blog, you will be creating a process booklet for phase three. This booklet should contain all idea generations, sketches, snap shots of process models, reflections, inspirations, and any other information important to illustrating your process. This booklet should be bound and turned in with your project on Wednesday, April 21st.

Final Documentation…

Requirements for final documentation will be discussed well in advance of the project deadlines. However, you should keep in mind that you final documentation should take digital form and work to capture appropriate images during the course of the semester to make this process as painless as possible. Your final grade will not be posted until complete documentation has been submitted following all guidelines and requirements.

Important Dates…

4|5 . introduce phase three

4|9 . desk crits

4|14 . small group crits

4|16 . desk crits

4|19 . phase three draft due

4|21 . phase three final presentation


M 4|5

W 4|7 phase two feedback

F 4|9 research paper proofreading due


M 4|12 process models due

W 4|14

F 4|16 research paper final due


M 4|19 phase three draft due

W 4|21 phase three final presentation

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