Monday, April 12, 2010

Designer Strengths

With having a studio filled with talented and creative designers, it was only natural to ask the students to describe their biggest design strength...

"I feel that I was truly blessed with the gift of 'quick ideas/ solutions'." - Clairissa Anderson

"As I have been in IARC for just about two years now, I have really noticed my loving for organization of things." - Haley Preston

"I would have to say my biggest design strength, (or at least I hope,) is my ability to incorporate aesthetic beauty with form and function in my design work." - Jeff Linn

"With all of the research and observation i've done about people in space i think that i could proudly articulate the situations that would occur within particular living spaces." - Wesley Shamlian

"I think that my biggest strength has to be that i am so passionate about what i do. It makes me happy, i couldn't see myself doing anything else." - Tracey Wright

"One would say being knowledgeable in many design software programs such as Revit, AutoCad, ArchiCad to develop my design process would be one of my strength." -Ino Loloci

"My strengths as a designer have to do with the fact that I truly care about the users of the space. I put myself in the position of the clients and what they need or want." - Meghan Kaufmann

"I love making something from nothing and completely putting myself in everything I create." - Kalani Gonzalez

"I wouldn’t consider coming up with a concept a strength rather than thinking outside of the box and looking past cliché themes. " - Kelsey Rhode

"When I start designing a space, I never stop thinking about it." - Cassandra Gustafson

"I am good at being dedicated to long hours with out any rest or days where I don't get to do anything but sit in the studio all the time however it is always rewarding." - David Harrill

"I have a good grasp on perspectives and drawing how you would see something." - Brittany Stiles

"My design strength is that I have two different cultural backgrounds which are Korean and American cultural background. It helps me to understand a particular thing in two ways based on my various cultural background." - Young Moon

"In my presentation of space I enjoy using hand drawing skills to reflect the fullest extent of expression and atmosphere. I find that the user's imagination is engaged in the space more so though hand drawings than by other means." - Carlos Smith

"I feel that I am successful at managing my time and getting everything done correctly and efficiently." -Hope Talley

"I feel that my strengths as a designer lie with graphics and digital rendering." - Hailey Allen

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  1. I LOVE THIS...and definitely see the same strengths you do...and MORE. Nice job!