Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design[ing] Happiness

CHALLENGE: For your final 2nd year studio project, we ask you to spend some time thinking about design happiness. What type of design makes you happy? What designs make you happy? Why do these designs make you happy? Why does designing make you happy? Where can design happiness be found?

In addition to looking inward, you should also look outward. What are the elements of design that make your classmates, fellow design students, and community happy?

Consider the relationship between design happiness and design thinking?

As a studio community, you are to create a design happiness map. It can take any shape or form, and be in any location….though we encourage you to think big. How can it make the most impact? How can you best express happiness?

As always, process explorations should be captured in digital form and continually documented on your blog.

Final Documentation…
The final documentation of this project is entirely up to you. You design the presentation format and style…follow your design happiness.

Important Dates…

426 . introducing design happiness
428 . presentations of happiness work time
430 . more presentations of happiness studio clean-up
503 . workday
504 . present your happiness

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