Monday, April 5, 2010

Design Charrette

On Monday April 5th, the design students took advantage of the beautiful weather and participated in a 2 hour long charrette in the courtyard of the EUC. The students worked diligently within their 'pen pal' groups to design a residential floor layout for Unity Village. The challenge was to include 8 units with a square footage between 850 to 900 sq ft. Using both design skills and geometry skills the students worked to develop a series of functional floor plans. After two rounds of voting, a winner was decided upon...

Photographs by Stephanie Brooker

...the winning team was pen pal group 3, which includes Kalani Gonzalez, Veronica Harvey, and Tracey Wright. There plan, pictured below, included a series of curved walls to accent the entrances to the units along with a curved seating/lounge area directly adjacent to the elevators.

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