Monday, February 8, 2010

Some notes on the writings...

With the recent submission of your paper titled "Makeshift Process", we would like to address a few issues relating to grammar usage and essay structure:

  • Remember to proof read your paper three times. It can also be helpful to have a fellow classmate or friend read over a paper before the due date.
  • Spell check is your friend but even though a word is spelled correctly does not ensure that it is the correct word. (ie. "We were aloud to use five materials" should read "We were allowed to use five materials")
  • A paper does not have to be structured in chronological order. It may be best to group similar ideas and concepts together for a more cohesive read.
  • Watch those commas. Figure out when a comma is needed and when it is not.
  • Review the questions originally asked on the assignment sheet. Have you answered those questions in your essay?
  • Find a good, beneficial, needed, helpful Thesaurus. Begin to substitute in more suitable words. A great online Thesaurus can be found at
  • Start your paper or essay with an introduction. Introduce the subject or idea that your paper will be discussing. This will help with overall understanding.

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