Wednesday, February 17, 2010

commUNITY users

image by Geoff Wilson

Building on the information you have uncovered about your assigned user group, you are to collaborate within your pen pal groups to write a report describing the user, their needs, wants, abilities and restrictions. Included within this should be information about unique design issues, site constraints, social interactions, cultural issues, emotional wellbeing, physicological factors. Concentrate on connecting all factors to the physical environment. Consider what a user's day might look like. Go to places where you may further observe your users (i.e. Barnes and Noble, parks, grocery stores, etc.).

This paper should be approximately three to four pages in length (double-spaced). It is important that you work together on this assignment in such a way that everyone contributes but the paper reads with a unified voice.

Due at the beginning of class Wednesday, February 24
Monday, February 22.

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