Wednesday, February 10, 2010

End Notes on Housing and Community...

Image by Tracey Wright

“This chapter has taught me to consider the residence, work with the governing body throughout my process, and pray to God for a good design.” – Clairissa Anderson

“If these cookie cutter homes with community pools are suppose to be a way to bring people together, why is that, that's not always the situation?” – Tracey Wright

“We need to research why certain communities work, so that we can better design for the future. Let’s bring everyone together as one big positive community.” – Hope Talley

“It is necessary to cooperate with a design itself and its given surroundings to fulfill the designer's duties.” – Young Moon

“Altogether, I want to learn how to be more thoughtful in my design so that I don’t create places that ignore the people, but rather embrace them.”- Kelsey Rhodes

“If structures are built solely for the purpose of sheltering humans or building eye-catching homes, they are not answering all the needs of a neighborhood’s community.” – Felicia Dean

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