Wednesday, February 3, 2010

capturing commUNITY

Image by Suzanne Cabrera

With the construction of our makeshift village on Friday, we begin to see the work that goes into creating a community and how spaces can bring people together. We ask that you think about how you would describe a community. The words you use and the point of view you take most likely differ from your classmates, your family, your friends, etc. There are generational and cultural differences that would effect how we would describe community.

With this in mind, your next assignment will require that you create a short film creatively displaying how people see buildings and spaces creating community in Greensboro. You will complete this project within your "neighborhood" groups. The format and process you use to create this film is completely up to you and your group members, however it’s important to remember to document your individual process. For this project it may be helpful to investigate the art of film making.

Your group’s video should be no more than four (4) minutes. We will look for these videos to be not only informative but entertaining.

We will be premiering your short films on Friday, February 12, 2010.

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