Friday, March 19, 2010

What does design thinking mean to you?

“Design thinking is about getting away from 'small' design and moving toward community-oriented 'big' design. 'Small' design is fashionable products that are interesting and perhaps desirable, whereas 'big' design encompasses a system.” – Cassandra Gustafson

“Design thinking is everything from research, diagrams,sketches, models, precedents, inspiration, programming...” – Tracey Wright

“Design thinking is problem solving.” – Meghan Kaufman

“Design thinking honestly means quite a bit to me. For years I have been saying that the world’s most valuable resource and final frontier is the creative thought processes of the human mind.” – Jeff Linn

“How I relate design thinking, use and implement it in the future will be based on my design experiences and processes. Design processes are trial and error, which lead to beneficial designs and answers.” – Felicia Dean

“Design should also not just involve the designer. The people that would be using a space or the related demographic should be incorporated into design decisions and to find the needs that must be met.” – Hailey Allen

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