Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final presentation requirements for Phase Two: involving/evolving community

For the final presentation of Phase Two of Unity Village you are to compose a digital presentation to turn in on Monday, March 29th. This presentation should be created using a combination of graphics programs and adobe PDF. The final presentation should be a slideshow consisting of six slides or less. You will write a script for this presentation and are permitted to use no more than three sentences per slide, or no more than 70 words per slide. For the presentation, you will read directly from your script (no improvising). This will challenge you to focus on the most important elements of the design.

You will also turn in a hard copy of these slides in booklet form printed on 8 ½ “ x 11” paper and bound with the other teams in your neighborhood. For these booklets, remember to consider a cover page, contents page, and organization style.

Grading Criteria:
Craft, Care and Quality
Visual Composition
Written Content
Follows Prompt
Creative Risk

Collection of items to turn in:
Digital copy of slide show (six slides max)
Digital copy of script (420 words max)
Bound Neighborhood booklet including all team slides
¼” Floor Model

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